The front street view of a house can be deceiving. This small face hides 3 stories of classic Seattle, waiting to be utilized to its fullest.
Fantastic ceiling work, and corner touches. We'll be careful to maintain this style in all the work we are doing.
Massive potential for a stellar upstairs bathroom.
The refrigerator competes for space with a Seattle staple - the hidden brick chimney that comes from nowhere, and does nothing. We'll remove it, and open the passageway between the kitchen and the living room for a brighter, airy space.
As seen from the living area, the small doorway hides the kitchen. Not for long.
Below exists a space the size of the entire footprint of the house. Used as storage and work space, we will transform it into a massive and complete living space.
That wall you see there above divides a room which the owners would like joined with the dining space. No problem. The end result will be a bright and massive kitchen-dining area.

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