Our ideas. Their ideas. Squared.
Many of our best ideas are actually alloys made from combined efforts, and even brief conversations, we have with others in related fields. Below are a few of them.
INNER SPACE DESIGNS - "We’re getting pretty good at this. The Seattle scene is a constant sea of change, so being able to ride the waves is key, finding stability by being flexible," said Andrea Bushdorf, creative director and chief responsible at Inner Space.
What has she done that catches our eye? We were impressed with her sliding painting and shelf installation. And the way she whips out a paint color book and goes to town with ideas is pretty sweet. It's one thing to put a chair in a corner an call it "design," but another to coordinate and make sense of flooring, artwork, fabrics, countertops and tile - and then manage the whole installation. Yes, she does all that. And more. Who wants to compete with that?  To visit Inner Space, click it.
DEAD SERIOUS MM - We don't actually quite know how to quantify what it is Dead Serious does, but it involves all the things we cannot do with cameras and computers and words and the know-how to put our best selves out there in the digital realm.

"I don't really seek out entities in the building industry," Creative Director Anthony Godoy tells us. "Like babies in baskets they just keep getting left on my doorstep and I've been feeding them and teaching them how to fend for themselves in the digital world."
Anthony told us this story once about how the chicken is kind of involved in the making of breakfast, but that the pig is pretty committed to it. He's either calling us pigs or chickens or committed, we weren't sure at the time. But it was a good story, and it made us conscious of what we do, versus what we are, and we're thankful for that. To take a deeper look at Dead Serious, click it.