So you've probably seen one of the Downtown Dog Lounges around Seattle. And now they're working on another one right on the edge of the busy and booming South Lake Union "Metropazon." We just made that up, and it should stick if enough people use it. Say it . . . "METROPAZON."
Right, Dog Lounge. What a project, and with a lot of moving parts. 
Think putting together a baby stroller is tough? Maybe an Ikea chair? The inside of Dog Lounge will have more parts than Lego City. Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but still there's a lot going on, and TULA is on it.
Above you can see the staging room we put together, careful to protect the special floor which was already installed.
Here is a small sample of the many cupboards going up all over the place. Construction sites are fertile grounds for bumps and bruises, and that includes installed pieces of equipment, hence the protective padding we wrap things up with.
Looks blank, right Not for long. Look below and you can see the intricate assembly project of building out the kennels. 
All the parts to this project are equals parts heavy, fragile, and complicated. Even unpacking them was a job that required special attention. Here, Fausto unpacks, carries, and then will assemble parts together with the other team members.

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