Seattle is full of classics like this beautiful home in Greenwood. Though built well, time has taken its toll on the upper floor, including floor fatigue, as well as the changing expectations of lifestyle - meaning certain things become outdated, in this case, bathrooms and electrical work. Owner suites are expected to have encompassing element, closets, bathrooms, fixtures and windows.
TULA stripped this upper floor to the studs, revealing a lot of previously hidden but useful space, and giving us the chance to update plumbing and electrical to modern standards.
We can't speak to what the original builder was thinking, or the limitations when this home was built. But we can reach into the bones and envision something new. Some may see the above as a simple bedroom, or perhaps an office. But we see a massive bathroom, and enormous closet space.
Behind those studs is attic space, tons of it, previously used to store insulation. We will be adding closet space the owners will be thrilled to have.
The claustrophobic staircase will be opened up and brought up to code, as older houses were pretty lax on stair usability and safety.

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